BBP lifestyle enhancement events host thousands of guests and are designed to bring entrepreneurs and business owners together in a fun, entertaining environment. The live events are great opportunities to build your network, connect with like-minded professionals, and enhance your business while delving into the BBP 12-step training courses. BBP lifestyle events feature keynote speakers, executive coaches and trainers, thought leaders in business development and entrepreneurship, and celebrity professionals that explore all of the topics in Become a Big Biz Pro: The Nitty Gritty Guide to Entrepreneurship. Big Biz Pro prides itself on offering value to all of our members, which is why we thoroughly vet any business or individual that we sponsor at an event or through our marketing campaigns. We encourage you to submit a sponsor application if you're interested, but please note that it's not a guarantee of acceptance. A BBP representative will contact you once your application is reviewed.

Lifestyle Enhancement Event Marketing Opportunities

Lifestyle Enhancement Official Preview

The Lifestyle Enhancement Official Preview is the booklet that contains everything visitors need to know about the event, and is distributed to the thousands of attendees at each event. An entrepreneur or business that sponsors the Preview will be featured in the booklet and gain exposure to the thousands of attendees who receive it.

The Lifestyle Enhancement Official Preview is available at $2,500.00 for a full page four color advertisement, or at $1,500.00 for a half page four color advertisement.

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Day Enhanced Map

At each event, BBP distributes maps that list the businesses and entrepreneurs that have booths set up along with the specific booth locations. With the enhanced map, featured businesses are highlighted on the physical maps that are distributed to each attendee as well as the electronic version available online and for exhibitors. The BBP Business of the Day Enhanced Map Digital Online Exhibitor Listing is available at $600.00.

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Enhanced Listing

An Enhanced Listing provides businesses and entrepreneurs with marketing opportunities as well as additional marketing blurbs featured on the BBP website, providing you with exposure to the hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers of our site. The BBP Business of the Day Enhance Map Enhanced Listing is available for $650.00, but does have limited availability.

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Event Re-Targeting

All attendees of the lifestyle enhancement events provide their contact information as they sign in. After the event, BBP sends out marketing materials on behalf of businesses and entrepreneurs who choose to be a part of the event re-targeting campaign. This provides you or your company with exposure to thousands of people. The BBP Event Retargeting Package Ad served one time after an event via email is available for $3,000.00. The BBP Event Retargeting Package Ad served two times after an event via email is available for $5,000.00.

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Event Booth

The event booth provides business owners at live events a platform to set up a booth, display, or exhibit and promote their products or services to our audience of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. A minimum space can be set up as a 10×10 area, and can be expanded upwards from there to meet your needs. Pricing is $25 per sq. ft. with a minimum space of 10 ft. by 10 ft. (100 sq. ft.) and $2,500.00, and up to $5,625.00 for larger spaces.

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Event Presentation

The event presentation provides business owners with the opportunity to present their products or services to the audience. Event presentation includes 10 minutes of time on the stage during the main event. The event presentation is great to combine with the event booth as it connects the audience at the event to your business and drives traffic to your booth. The cost of the BBP Main Stage Presentation is $10,000.00 per set, plus 20% of product sold (limited availability).

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Featured Business Expert Video

The featured business expert video gives you exposure to hundreds of thousands of viewers who visit the BBP site each month. As a featured business expert, you will have your video featured on our site as well as a banner pop up of your business. You will also be featured as an expert in the member login area. The BBP Website Featured Business Expert Video is available to you for $4,999.99 per month.

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Direct Mail Featured Sponsor

Each month, BBP sends out direct mail to the tens of thousands of subscribers and business owners in our database as a part of our own appreciation marketing campaign. As a direct mail featured sponsor, you and your business will be featured in the newsletter. Becoming a direct mail featured sponsor will help you develop new contacts, lead generation, new customer acquisition, branding, and further recognition in the business community. The BBP Direct Mail Featured Sponsor provides access to two times of direct mailing campaign via U.S. Mail for $2,999.00.

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Email Newsletter Featured Sponsor

BBP sends monthly email newsletters to tens of thousands of subscribers and business owners. As a featured sponsor, we will include advertisements for you or your business on these newsletters, increasing your exposure and increasing community recognition of your brand. The BBP Email Newsletter Featured Sponsor gives you two-time access for $2,999.00.

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Meet Up Group Sponsor

BBP Members have ongoing access to several Meet Up Groups, with target audiences ranging from Business to Social, Singles, Parenting, and Health and Fitness. The Meet Up Group Sponsor feature allows businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their product or service at Meet UP Groups on a local, regional, or even national scale. With the Meet Up Group Sponsor bundle, you will gain access to having an event sponsor table, advertisement in the group’s weekly newsletter and a featured group presentation as well as group email and text re-targeting.

Sponsor 8 Meet Up Groups with one Sponsor table at each event, one Newsletter feature for each event, and one email and text re-targeting after each event for $1,250.

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Live Entertainment Night Sponsor

BBP regularly hosts Live Entertainment Nights for its members. These events bring like-minded BBP members together with entertainment from emerging artists and celebrities alike. Live Entertainment Nights feature youth talent, musical performances, theatrical plays, modeling, poetry, and more. The Live Entertainment Night Sponsorship allows businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their product, service, or business at these live events on a local, regional, and even national scale. The Live Entertainment Sponsorship bundle includes four shout-outs from the event MC throughout the event, 4 event tickets, an event Sponsor table, advertisement in the event promo flyer, and email and text re-targeting.

The Live Entertainment Night Sponsor Bundle Pricing includes sponsorship for four Live Entertainment Nights, four shout-outs from the event MC at each event, four tickets for each event, one Sponsor table at each event, one event promo flyer feature for each event, and one email and text re-targeting after each event, all for $1,500.

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Featured Entertainer Sponsorship

The Featured Entertainer Sponsorship allows up and coming emerging entertainers, including artists, actors and actresses, child talent, comedians, musicians, models, and poets the opportunity to build their brand, promote their intellectual property online, and connect with the BBP Member Audience on the BBP Live Entertainment Night Circuit on a local, regional or national level.

Additional, emerging artists have the opportunity to be featured as the Opening Act at Live Entertainment night events that feature major music artists, sports athletes, comedians and multiple of celebrity actors, actresses, and models.

If you think you have what it takes to be a featured Artist on the BBP Live Entertainment Night Circuit, become a Member of the BBP International Entertainment Association (I.E.A.).  As a member of the I.E.A., you will receive the following privileges and benefits:

• Featured Entertainer on the BBP Live Entertainment Night Circuit

• Participate In I.E.A. Entertainment League and win cash and prizes up to $1,000,000 annually

• Access to I.E.A. Online Content Distribution Platform

• Access to Entertainment Industry Business Advisors to build and take your brand to next level

I.E.A. Membership Dues are only  $15 Weekly

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Venue Host Sponsorship

BBP Members have access to various ongoing Meet Up Groups focused on Business, Social, Singles, Parenting, and Health and Fitness. BBP Members also have access to Live Entertainment Nights that feature emerging talent and celebrities and host various forms of entertainment, including: child talent, music, theatrical performances, poetry, comedy, and more. The Venue Host Sponsorship gives nightclub and restaurant owners the opportunity to have a variety of BBP Meet Up Groups and Live Entertainment Night events hosted at their venue.  These events drive new patrons into the business owner’s establishment thereby generating revenue, brand name recognition, and a broader client base for the business owner.

The Venue Host Sponsorship Bundle includes the opportunity to host four events with four shout-outs from the event MC throughout the event to promote other up coming events at the venue, one advertisement in event promo flyer each event, one advertisement on the website for each event, and one e-mail and text re-targeting after each event.

Venue Host Sponsorship Pricing is $500 per event per 100 venue capacity

Venues over 100 venue capacity are subject to additional fees per additional 100

There is a four event minimum required cost of $2,000 plus 10% of product sold.


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