Become A Big Biz Pro is the Nitty Gritty Guide to Entrepreneurship. 

The information in this book unlocks the key to success for you in nearly every aspect of your life. Become A Big Biz Pro enables you to enhance your lifestyle, including business, family, personal relationships, health, and fitness in just 180 days.

The Big Biz Pro 180 Day game plan will change your life!


"Think big goals, take big action and expect to achieve big success"

- - Robert Marshall

Meet Big Biz Pro

Are you an entrepreneur starting a new business or looking to improve an existing business? Become a  Big Biz Pro Trainee and change your life in just 180 days.

As a Trainee you have access to business funding, featured weekly business tips, events, training content, meal prep plans, fitness training,  business process outsourcing services, business advisory services, along with our entrepreneur social network and dating communities.

Your business, finances, personal relationships, health and overall wellbeing are in your control—you can enhance your life, and you can do it within 180 days.




Lifestyle Granted Partnership

Big Biz Pro will help you identify your niche market, structure your business, develop your brand identity, business plan, and marketing plan.  We’ll also help you form your corporation and obtain business funding so you hit the ground running. 

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Lifestyle Development Partnership

Big Biz Pro will help you develop your core business, secure the physical location of your business, identify key employees and personnel, identify legal counsel, create marketing collateral to get the word out about your new product or service, and identify the proper payment processing for your business.  We’ll also assist you with managing your business’ technology development cycle, building your distribution system, and implementing the right marketing strategy.

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Lifestyle Enhancement Partnership

Big Biz Pro will help you create the right sales strategy for your business and combine your marketing strategy with your sales strategy to ultimately get more customers to purchase your product or service.  We’ll also help you set timelines for sales promotions, and lay out specific benchmarks to assist with evaluating your progress weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually

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As part of BBP’s commitment to helping you grow and establish every aspect of your life, we host various events, including Lifestyle Enhancement Events, Meet Up Groups, and Live Entertainment nights. All of these events are focused on helping you grow your network, further develop valuable skills and strategies, and have fun with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. Your BBP Trainee you’ll have access to these weekly events!

Lifestyle Enhancement Events

BBP lifestyle events host thousands of guests and are designed to bring entrepreneurs and business owners together. The live events are great opportunities to build your network, connect with like-minded professionals, and enhance your business while delving into the BBP training courses.

Meet Up Groups

We are committed to ensuring that our BBP Trainees have ongoing access to connect, socialize, collaborate, and build relationships with other like-minded BBP Trainees. As part of our commitment to you, we host several different Meet UP Groups, including: BBP Business Meet Up Group, BBP Social Meet Up Group, BBP Singles Meet Up Group, BBP Parenting Meet Up Group, and the BBP Health and Fitness Meet Up Group. As a Lifestyle Granted Trainee, you can attend and participate in these groups in person or via live video stream.

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BBP Live Entertainment Nights

Our Live Entertainment Nights give BBP Trainees access to exclusive live entertainment in their local areas, including child talent, comedy, music, modeling, poetry, and theatrical plays. The BBP Entertainment Nights are great avenues for networking with BBP Trainees in your area, while having fun and gaining exposure to emerging trends in art and entertainment.

Business Process Outsourcing


Big Biz Pro can help you build and grow a new or existing business by creating and implementing various processes, strategies, and functions.

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There’s a lot to account for in every business—BBP will manage your accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxes, revenue, and much more!

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Client Retention

BBP will implement the strategies, networks, and databases you need to ensure that you not only bring in new clients, but also keep them!

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Customer Support

BBP will provide customer support services and strategies to keep your customers satisfied while you focus on other aspects of your business.

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Event Production

Events are a great way for your business to build your brand and network! BBP can coordinate unforgettable events for your business.

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Graphic & Website Design

Let the professionals at BBP take care of your graphic and website design to ensure a professional and smooth site for all of your business needs!

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Human Resources

Did you know that some of the biggest lawsuits businesses face are based on HR issues? BBP can take care of all of your HR needs so you don’t have to!

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Marketing & Social Media

Marketing and Social Media are must-haves for every business. BBP will create and implement a uniquely designed marketing platform for your business

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Having trouble with your staffing needs? Don’t know where to begin? BBP can take care of all your staffing needs.

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Video Production

Videos are becoming increasingly important to many industries. BBP can manage video production for your business.

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Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory

Get access to the personalized guidance you need for your business.

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Business Analytics

BBP can help you make data-driven decisions for important aspects of your business.

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Business Funding

The experts at BBP can help you overcome common obstacles to achieving the business funding you need.

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Business Planning

BBP will help you outline your goals and plan just how you will achieve them.

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Distribution Strategy

How do you get your products and services to your customers? BBP can help you set up the best strategy for your business. 

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Sales Strategy

Your sales strategy can take your business to the next level—BBP can help you implement the right strategy for your business.

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Take your business to the next level—you can now sign up to feature your product or service at our events!

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Easy Steps to a Healthier You

Enhance your lifestyle with Big Biz Pro’s Meal Prep services! BBP keeps it simple: lose weight by cutting calories! You can still enjoy the restaurants and meals that you love.

As a member of the Big Biz Pro community, you gain access to member restaurants that will prepare smaller portioned meals specifically for you!

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Personal Fitness Training

Get To Training Today!

Now you can train with Robert Marshall! You can follow along online as two leading fitness trainers help Rob get into shape—giving you access to a 7 day training cycle!

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Big Biz Pro


Big Biz Pro Social

BBP provides an online social community that is designed for entrepreneurs to connect to other like-minded entrepreneurs. Grow your network and gain access to discussions on new business ventures and other topics related to the success and well being of your business.

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Big Biz Pro


Big Biz Pro Dating

As a successful entrepreneur, it can be difficult to find someone who supports your busy lifestyle and isn’t intimidated by your success. BBP provides an online dating site that is designed for entrepreneurs to connect to like-minded individuals. You can own and manage a successful business and develop meaningful relationships!

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